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Premium Quality Shea Butter at affordable rates

Shea butter should be considered as the best food for the skin. It is highly emollient as it contains nearly 60% fat. It looks thick when it is in normal room temperature, but due to its excellent effects on the skin, it is widely popular for using in body butter, natural eye cream or lip balm. It does not only reduce the process of aging, but it is also helpful in calming inflammation.

What is Shea Butter?

Shea Butter

Shea butter is found in seeds of fruits of Shea tree. It contains a good level of vitamin A, E, and F. These vitamins are necessary for the skin to maintain its collagen production. When it is properly added to a cosmetic product, it gives good protection against the UV rays.

It has been largely popular in African countries to improve the health of skin and hair. It also has medicinal use and it has been used for treating leprosy.


It makes the skin smoother. It contains palmitic, linolenic, stearic, and oleic acids that protect and nourishes the skin. It also prevents skin from drying and that makes it ideal for dry skins. The same components also reduce the wrinkles on the skin.

It helps in maintaining the natural oil for the skin. It is perfect nourishing for the skin due as it is rich in fat and has necessary vitamins for the skin.

A study has also noted that Shea butter contains cinnamic acid and other natural properties and so it can work perfectly as an anti-inflammatory.

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