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Use premium quality Sal butter for perfect cosmetic formulation

It also is known as the Shorea butter as it derives from the Shorea robusta tree. Sal butter has similar properties of Mango butter. It is solid at room temperature, but it is also not completely soft. It does not have the thickness like cocoa butter.

Sal butter uses:

Due to its thickness, it is considered as the first preference in a number of the cosmetic formulation. It has the ability to hold oleic acids and naturally occurring stearic. It does not go rancid during the formulation process, which is a common problem when softer butter is used.

Combine it with cocoa butter, mango butter and Shea butter allows you to make a solid texture of the product. Oils can be added for giving the product a finished touch.



Fine lines, wrinkles and other skin problems can surely be treated using a product made using Sal butter. It gives firmness to the fine lines and increases the elasticity of the skin to reduce the wrinkles.

The butter is also popular as it contains a high level of fatty acid, vitamin E and it is also non-comedogenic. It can treat the dry skin problem in the best possible way. It also helps to treat the cracks in the feet and rough and damaged skin.

It makes the skin look younger as it allows the skin to absorb required nutrition properly. Dry skin and dullness of skin can be treated with the regular use of Sal butter.

Buy quality Sal butter at economical rates:

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