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AADRA Internationals is one of the conspicuous makers, exporters, and providers of premium quality Lemongrass oil. This oil is, indifferent, ventures regularly utilized for various purposes like in beauty care products, and pharmaceuticals.

Lemongrass oil is developed with species, which are utilized for the creation of citronella oil, which is being used in cleansers, as a creepy crawly repellent, particularly mosquitoes, in bug splashes and candles, and fragrant healing. The central substance constituents of citronella, Geraniol, and citronellal, are sterilizers, consequently their utilization in family unit disinfectants and cleansers. Our Lemongrass oil is likewise utilized for culinary purposes, as an enhancing.

Lemon Oil


We generally take from the best planted in home patio nurseries to avoid creepy crawlies — for example, whitefly grown-ups. Its development empowers developing a few vegetables, e.g., tomatoes and broccoli without applying pesticides. We understand that the intercropping ought to incorporate physical boundaries, for citronella roots can assume control over the field. It is known to be utilized as a pesticide and additive, is put on the antiquated palm-leaf compositions found in India as an additive.


Our Lemongrass is broadly utilized as a culinary herb in Asian cooking styles and furthermore as a therapeutic herb in India. It has unobtrusive citrus enhance and can be dried and powdered, or utilized new. It is generally used in teas, soups, and curries. It is additionally reasonable for use with poultry, fish, hamburger, and fish.