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Natural kokum butter at a reasonable price

Kokum is a fruit of Garcina Indica tree. The kokum kernels contain a high amount of fatty acid and when extracted it becomes kokum butter. It has a mild fragrance and looks just like Shea butter. Kokum butter is known due to its high oxidative stability. It is widely used in many cosmetic products which include lip balms, soaps, body lotions and so forth.

The benefits of kokum butter on hair and skin:

kokum butter

It helps in promoting hair growth. It enables cells to absorb nutrition easily by oxygenating them. You can find kokum butter used in popular brands of hair conditioners. When it is applied directly on the hair, it makes the roots of the hair stronger. Using kokum butter for hair is perfect to reduce hair related problems.

It is ideal for the reduce the dry skin symptoms. The excellent properties of this butter ensure that the skin remains hydrated by providing sufficient moisture. It is also used in lip balms to cure dry and chapped lips.

The regular use of kokum butter is also proved to reduce the wrinkles on the skin and slowing the aging process. It regulates the blood flow on the skin and allows to absorb required nutrient properly.

It is also ideal for reducing the inflammation due to cracks in the feet. The regular use can bring magnificent results. It can also be applied directly on the wounds to heal them faster. Kokum butter does not have only cosmetic use but is also used in a number of medicinal products.

Buy only genuine kokum butter:

Using cosmetic products that have harmful chemicals is not good for the skin. It can damage the skin over a period of time. Our kokum butter is natural and organic. We do not add harmful additives in it and offer premium quality butter at the fair price.