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AADRA Internationals’ Castor oil is a vegetable oil squeezed from castor beans. The name most likely originates from its utilization as a substitution for castoreum. It is lackluster to an extremely light yellow fluid with an unmistakable taste and smell. Its breaking point is 313 °C and its thickness is 961 kg/m3. It is a triglyceride in which roughly 90 percent of unsaturated fat chains are ricinoleates.

Castor Oil


Our Castor oil is outstanding as a wellspring of ricinoleic corrosive, a monounsaturated, 18-carbon unsaturated fat. Among unsaturated fats, ricinoleic corrosive is unordinary in that it has a hydroxyl useful gathering on the twelfth carbon. This utilitarian gathering causes ricinoleic corrosive to be more polar than general fats. The compound reactivity of the liquor amass likewise permits substance derivatization that is beyond the realm of imagination with most other seed oils. In light of its ricinoleic corrosive substance, castor oil is an important compound in feedstocks, instructing a more expensive rate than other seed oils.


In the nourishment business, castor oil is utilized in nourishment added substances, flavorings, treat e.g., polyglycerol polyricinoleate or PGPR in chocolate, as a form inhibitor, and in bundling. Polyoxyethylated castor oil e.g. Kolliphor EL is additionally utilized in the sustenance industries.

In India, Pakistan and Nepal nourishment grains are protected by the use of castor oil. It stops rice, wheat, and heartbeats from decaying. For instance, the vegetable pigeon pea is regularly accessible covered in oil for broadened stockpiling.

Our castor oil being broadly used to prompt work in pregnant ladies, to date there is not sufficient research to indicate whether it is powerful to enlarge the cervix or instigate labor. Therapeutically, current medications are seldom given in an unadulterated substance state, so most dynamic fixings are joined with excipients or added substances.