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AADRA Internationals is one of the prominent manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of premium quality industrial and home-use wax (s). Our Beeswax is utilized in various enterprises for different purposes like in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, candle making industry in India and globally.

Selected Beeswax Extraction

Being a quality-centered association, we bring the extraction in an exact way to keep up the quality of each batch. It is appropriately inspected on the parameters of consistency, immaculateness, and dangerous dimension to match the needing supplies.

We are an experienced corporation, who proficiently handle the extraction of Beeswax. Our prepared quality is lab-tested and has all the basic fulfillment to meet others testing prerequisites according to ISO Standard.

Our Beeswax is a characteristic wax delivered by bumblebees of the class Apis. This is framed into scales by eight wax-delivering organs in the stomach fragments of working drones, which dispose of it in or at the hive. The hive laborers gather and use it to frame cells for nectar stockpiling and larval and pupal assurance inside the apiary. Artificially, beeswax comprises for the most part of esters of unsaturated fats and different long-chain alcohols.

AADRA Internationals’ Beeswax is utilized as a grease and waterproofing operator, in lost wax throwing of metals and glass, as a finishing product for wood and calfskin. Its uses are not limited to even making candles, as fixing in makeup and as a masterful medium in encaustic painting.

We produce it as affirmed for nourishment use in many nations and under the E number E901.

Its production, at AADRA Internationals, is shaped by working drones, which emit it from eight wax-delivering mirror organs on the internal sides of the sternites, the ventral shield or plate of each portion of the body, on sections 4 to 7.

We provide Beeswax at first glass-clear and misty after rumination and debasement with dust by the hive working capacities for high-quality consumption.